03/06/2013 05:51 am ET Updated Mar 06, 2013

Chelsea Handler Explains Why She Dislikes Angelina Jolie On 'Watch What Happens: Live' (VIDEO)

Chelsea Handler made her first visit to the booze-filled clubhouse that is "Watch What Happens: Live." It's kind of strange, because it seems like it would be just her scene. And she did appear to have fun. She was also very candid in her responses to viewer questions, not holding back on any topics.

One topic that she opened up about was her stance on Angelina Jolie. Handler has repeatedly bashed Jolie in the past. Many have speculated that her hatred of Jolie is closely tied with her close friendship with Jennifer Aniston -- Brad Pitt left Aniston to be with Jolie. But Handler says that's not the reason at all.

"She seems like a demon," Handler said of Jolie. "As a woman, I know when you see somebody walking across the room that’s a bad girl."

She summed it up by saying that Jolie is not a girl's girl and girl's girls are the kinds of girls that Handler likes.

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