03/06/2013 04:25 pm ET Updated Mar 06, 2013

Chicago News Anchor's 'Caboose Pistol' Meltdown: WGN Morning News Anchor Loses It (VIDEO)

A "caboose pistol"? Are you kidding me!?

At this point, Chicago's very own WGN Morning News crew is no stranger to attracting headlines for their well-documented early-morning antics. Last winter, their coverage of a fake plane crash attracted the attention of Jay Leno, Perez Hilton, Ellen and others.

On Wednesday, Larry Potash and Robin Baumgarten's banter on a bizarre Oklahoma news story -- wherein police discovered a suspect had hidden a handgun inside her vagina and baggies of drugs of methamphetamine in her buttocks -- landed them back in the spotlight:

"The ole' caboose pistol, everybody has one," Potash commented Wednesday.

"What are you getting all worked up over?" an off-camera staffer, who sounded like meteorologist Paul Konrad said to Baumgarten.

"I know some women who could hide a machine gun in there," Potash added, before admitting that the segment was "getting off track" and moving on.

Potash and Baumgarten have both won multiple Emmys for their work.



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