03/06/2013 01:00 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Fire Facial' Treatment, AKA Huᅦメ Liᅢᄀo, Claims To Fight Wrinkles By Setting Face On Fire (VIDEO)

Big in China.

What if you were promised fewer wrinkles, younger-looking skin, even slimmer thighs … if you set your body on fire?

While that sounds totally dangerous, and sort of counter-productive to us, the Huᅦメ liᅢᄀo treatment, or “fire facial," is gaining serious traction in China, where the spa service originated.

The idea behind Huᅦメ liᅢᄀo is to place a towel soaked in alcohol and a special "elixir" on the face, legs or other parts of the body, then light it on fire for a few seconds. This action apparently stimulates the skin and addresses dullness, sagging and wrinkles. Huh.

This makes the "vampire facelift" seem like a super-safe alternative. What do you guys think? Would you ever set your face ablaze for better skin?

Check out a version of the treatment we found on YouTube:

If you think the "fire facial" treatment is weird, here's some more strange beauty treatments:

WTF Is That??

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