03/06/2013 06:47 pm ET

Kelly Preston To Headline 'Keep Calm and Karey On' For ABC And More Pilot News

Mrs. Travolta could be heading back to primetime. Kelly Preston has scored the lead role in the ABC comedy pilot "Keep Calm And Karey On," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Preston will play Karey, "a vibrant mother to three adopted kids -- including two from her screw-up brother -- who is overwhelmed in her quest to be a good parent to the needy flock who don't always want or respect her input." Karey is the one bright spot in a spectacularly dysfunctional family that includes thieves and addicts. Her mother will be played by Jane Seymour, and Majandra Delfino will appear as her sister Penny.

In other pilot news ...

Gary Cole joins "The List." The "Good Wife" guest star will appear alongside Michael Peña in the Fox drama about a U.S. Marshal (Peña) who is tasked with tracking down the person responsible for stealing the list of every person in witness protection after a number of witnesses start getting killed. Cole will play Peña's boss, Chief Inspector Bob McKinnon, who always has his employee's back. [Deadline]

"Captain America" alum joins Jason Lee pilot. Derek Luke will appear in crime thriller "Second Sight" for CBS, playing Det. Paul Giroux, "a new member of Tanner's (Lee) team, who is after Tanner's job. Giroux is somewhat self-consciously hip, full of himself and consistently oversteps." [THR]

Jason Ritter finds two more members of his "Friends & Family." Kurt Fuller and Kerri Kenney-Silver will play the parents of Ritter's character, Gavin, in the Fox comedy based on the UK series "Gavin and Stacey." Alexis Bledel co-stars in the pilot. [Deadline]

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