03/06/2013 05:07 am ET Updated Mar 06, 2013

LA Measure B Results 2013: Police Pension Plan Proposal Passes (LIVE UPDATES)

LA voters appeared to be in favor of Measure B, a proposal to allow Department of General Services (GSD) police personnel who transfer to the LAPD, to transfer their retirement credit from the city's civilian plan to the generous fire and police pension plan.

The measure stated that such transfers would be cost neutral to the city, "with any additional costs to be paid by the police personnel who choose to switch retirement plans."

The polls closed at 8 p.m. With 90 percent of votes counted, the measure gained 58 percent of votes. Forty-two percent of voters rejected the measure.

GSD police personnel patrol city buildings and facilities. In 2012, the city approved the consolidation of GSD police officers into the LAPD. The consolidation should be completed in 2013.

Proponents, including mayoral candidates Councilman Eric Garcetti and Controller Wendy Greuel, argued it is fair and efficient for officers transferred to the LAPD to have the same benefits as other members of the plan.

Opponents, including mayoral candidate Emanuel Pleitez, argued that police pensions are a significant contributing factor to the city's budget deficit and that there is no way to guarantee that this measure would not add to the problem.

The League of Women Voters was neutral on the measure, saying the proposal seemed reasonable but could cost the cash-strapped city money it doesn't have. The LA Times did not take a stance.

Follow the live blog below for updates on the mayoral results as well as other election results.

03/06/2013 5:48 AM EST

City Controller The Most Exciting Race

Even more exciting (statistically) than the mayoral race is the one to replace City Controller Wendy Greuel.

With 100 percent of precincts reporting, both Ron Galperin and Councilmember Dennis Zine are in a dead heat, each gaining 37 percent of votes.

That's the third runoff!

03/06/2013 5:45 AM EST

Mixed Messages?

With 100 percent of votes reporting, it appears that LA voters have chosen to reject a sales tax that would have bolstered emergency services but have also decided to open up the city's very generous pension plans to even more people.

Oh, LA.

03/06/2013 4:28 AM EST

Another Runoff Election!

This time for LA City Attorney. At around midnight, the Los Angeles Times and NBC LA said that the City Attorney election was most likely going to be decided in a runoff. Feuer and Trutanich will face off again in the city's general election on May 21.

03/06/2013 4:05 AM EST

Wendy Celebrates

@ Wendy_Greuel :

It's looking like a great night. Thank you! #LAMayor #LosAngeles

03/06/2013 4:04 AM EST

Runoff Time!

@ ericgarcetti :

It's been a whirlwind. Because of your support, we've made it through the primary. I am humbled and grateful for everything.

03/06/2013 1:26 AM EST

City Atty., Controller

@ HuffPostLA :

With 6% reporting for City Atty., Feuer: 41%, Trutanich: 34%. For Controller, Zine: 41%, Galperin: 32% #LAvotes #LAelections

03/06/2013 1:26 AM EST

Creeping Along...

@ HuffPostLA :

With 6% reporting, Garcetti: 32%, Greuel: 31%, Perry: 19%, James: 14%, Pleitez: 3% #LAMayor #LAelections #LAVote

03/06/2013 12:03 AM EST

Initials Numbers Are In

@ HuffPostLA :

Initial numbers are in: Garcetti at 31.1%, Greuel at 30.9%. Perry at 19.1% & James at 14.2%. Pleitez at 2.6%.

03/05/2013 11:42 PM EST

Our Night Of Firsts

Depending on how the mayoral elections go, LA could either be electing their first

1) Woman (Greuel or Perry)

2) Jewish person (Perry or Garcetti)

3) Openly gay person (James)

03/05/2013 11:39 PM EST

Too Cool For School?

Is it cool for Angelenos to be ignorant about local issues?

Los Angeles Times political writer Jim Rainey offered his take on LA apathy on HuffPost Live Monday.

"If you don't even have an opinion or don't even know who the mayor is, you can go out and there's no social stigma attached to knowing nothing," said Rainey. "It's part of the local culture."



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