03/06/2013 05:08 pm ET Updated May 06, 2013

Louis Tomlinson Of One Direction Reportedly Installs A Panic Room

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Even celebs can't 'have it all.' They may get fame and fortune, but also throngs of crazed fans following them wherever they go. This is especially true of Louis Tomlinson, whose group 'One Direction' probably has a pack of screaming teenage girls following them at all times. Tomlinson has just the solution for finding a bit of peace and quiet: A panic room.

Stars really aren't like us.

According to the Herald Sun, talk of Tomlinson installing the $22,000 armed space has been buzzing around, with insiders backing the claims. The Sun reported that Tomlinson will now feel more comfortable about his and his girlfriend Eleanor Calder's safety.

Panic rooms aren't exactly a modern-day invention. They've been around since ancient Egypt, where secret rooms were built to protect the pharoah's tombs and treasures from thieves. (You can use that little tidbit at your next cocktail party.) So, it's a timeless solution to a timeless problem.

For more information than you wanted to know about safe rooms, head over to HowStuffWorks' for details. And to see some really funky celebrity hobbies, check out our slideshow below.

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