03/06/2013 05:51 am ET Updated Mar 06, 2013

'Smash' Features A Non-Reunion For 'Will & Grace' As Sean Hayes Joins The Cast (VIDEO)

Sean Hayes joined Debra Messing on "Smash" to stage a non-reunion for the "Will & Grace" stars. He may have joined her in the episode, but the two former co-stars didn't share even a single scene. Instead, Hayes played Terry Falls, a comedic actor who joined Ivy for his first dramatic role on Broadway. Only, he tries to turn a tragedy into a farce -- playing to his strengths.

But when Ivy rejected the direction to follow his lead and brought the dramatics, it overwhelmed Terry. She gave him a pep talk, telling him to embrace the fear and challenge himself to get serious for the role. He decided he's ready, only Ivy didn't fully know what that meant.

"I’ve decided to go off my meds," he told her proudly. "I’ve been in a 20-year haze of psycho-pharmaceuticals. And, sure, while they relieve my ADD, anxiety, mood swings, psychotic breaks, what have you, they’re cutting me off from my own humanity, from feeling every moment."

Who knows how this is going to play out. The big cliffhanger of the evening, though, came after the read-through of Julia's changes to "Bombshell." She'd changed the original script about Marilyn's rise into an examination of her as seen through the men in her lives. Both were valid viewpoints, but the team couldn't decide which direction to go. So they gave Eileen the deciding vote.

Of course, her decision will come next week on "Smash," Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST on NBC.

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