03/06/2013 01:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Tina Fey Swimsuit Photo Was 'Nightmare' (PHOTO)

Tina Fey and her alter-ego, Liz Lemon, are best recognized wearing hoodies and a Princess Leia costume. But the latest photos of Fey show her in something decidedly less shapeless: a swimsuit.

While on vacation at Disney World with her family, Fey was spotted in a modest, dotted skirt-suit, perfect for splashing around with her daughters in style. Fey responded to the photo:

"My nightmare came true and I was photographed in my bathing suit in Florida. Thankfully, I was mostly submerged."

Fey looks fabulous, but we can relate to her fears. Stripping down to swimwear in the middle of the winter is anxiety-inducing enough without having all eyes on your body. And during a private family moment, at that. "I feel like it had to be another guest," Fey speculated to USA Today on the photographer's identity.

Tina, we're always eager to see more of you, and if you won't host the Oscars, we'll take whatever shot we can get. Props to Tina for being smart, funny and having amazing fashion sense -- even underwater. We'd venture a guess that her Disney World paparazzo can't make any of those claims.


tina fey swimsuit

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