03/06/2013 06:00 pm ET

Wedding Dress, After Divorce: Readers Share What They Did With Their Gowns

From wedding rings to old Hallmark cards from your ex, there's a lot of relationship stuff to rid yourself of after divorce.

But what are you supposed to do with that wedding dress? Sure, it's hanging pristinely in an acid-free box in your closet, but it's still taking up valuable space -- literally and emotionally. On Wednesday, HuffPost Divorce blogger Lisa B. Samalonis wrote about her own post-split purging process, and how hard it was to part with one item -- her wedding gown.

"I chided myself for wasting time mulling over the fate of a dress from a day long gone," Samalonis wrote. "I had already moved past this, hadn't I? My new life -- although difficult at times -- flowed along and yet I still had that wedding dress in my closet."

Samalonis' gown eventually ended up at a Goodwill donation center in New Jersey, but after reading her blog, we couldn't help but wonder if our readers had their own wedding dress tales to tell, so we asked them on Facebook and Twitter.

They didn't disappoint. From the woman who sent her dress down river, to the ex-husband who donated his ex's gown to a local charity, click through the slideshow below for some of our favorite responses, then head to the comments and tell us what you did with your gown!

What I Did With My Wedding Dress

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