03/08/2013 11:19 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

JaVale McGee Pretends To Sign Ball After Blocking Matt Barnes In Nuggets-Clippers Game (VIDEO)

JaVale McGee didn't play much in the Nuggets' win over the Clippers on Thursday night, but that didn't stop him from doing JaVale things.

Late in the third quarter, Matt Barnes drove through the lane and tried to make a wild layup over McGee and Kenneth Faried. He was able to get by "The Manimal," but not McGee as he had his shot swatted out of bounds. The seven-footer made sure the highlight didn't end there.

McGee ran over and grabbed the ball before the ref could and pretended to sign the ball. He didn't have a Sharpie in his sock like Terrell Owens, but he still made it work.

McGee made another amazing block earlier in the game when he stuffed Lamar Odom's dunk attempt. The Denver center ended up on the ground after the play, so the rejection didn't come with a celebration.