03/09/2013 06:59 am ET

Increase Sex Drive In Women By Changing The Way You See Your Partner (VIDEO)

Though some post 50 women are still going at it, others may be confronted with a lower sex drive as they advance in age.

"I am 57 and I don't even want bother with sex stuff anymore," wrote one Huff/Post50 Facebook fan.

"The View" tackled the issue of decreased sex drive in women on Thursday, with Dr. Gail Saltz, author of "The Ripple Effect: How Better Sex Can Lead To A Better Life."

"Men and women's brains are different, as well as their genitals ... and the connection between them [is] different," Saltz said. "Men on the whole think about sex more often than women."

Given this, there are a number of biological and emotional reasons for a lower sex drive, she said. But the biggest issue affecting female sex drive is a disconnect between what they want in a partner as a supporter and as a lover, Saltz told "The View."

"Women want their partners to be good and kind and warm people that they feel friends with, but they want their sexual partners to be mysterious and interesting and spontaneous."

Kind of hard to do if you've been married to someone for years, Joy Behar pointed out. So how can women address these different desires? Watch the video above to find out.



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