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Diego Maradona's New Girlfriend Rocio Oliva Has Own Controversial Past

The famous former football player, Diego Armando Maradona (52), and his new girlfriend, Rocío Oliva (22), recently enjoyed the football superclásico game between Real Madrid and Barcelona in Madrid. This was the venue chosen by the controversial character to display to the public, for the first time, that he is, in fact, in a relationship with his new girlfriend, a young football player of the opponents to the Maradona’s—she plays for River Plate, he played for Boca Juniors.

Veronica Ojeda and baby Dieguito

The new romance surfaced two weeks ago when his ex-partner, Veronica Ojeda, gave birth to a baby he fathered, a boy who was named Diego Fernando, nicknamed “Dieguito.” Maradona, who is working in Dubai, has yet to return to Argentina to meet his child whom he claims to see every day through Skype. The Argentine and Ojeda were a couple for eight years but, reportedly, the separation took place because Maradona did not want a child.

Ojeda didn´t seem shocked that Maradona already had a new girlfriend. “We have been separated for several months,” she said on the television program Intrusos en el espectáculo, America Channel, “the only thing that ties us is the baby. I want a father to be around, and therefore we have a good relationship.” Ojeda is also in a legal dispute with Claudia Villafane, who is Maradona’s ex-wife, as she claims Villafane threatened to harm her if she continued with the pregnancy.

Maradona’s new girlfriend, Rocío Oliva

At first, Maradona declined to confirm the new relationship but he didn’t deny it either. Regardless of his statements, there were a couple of photos circulating in the Argentine media, one of Maradona holding a poster with the words, “Rocío I love you,” and the other of the two of them toasting over elegant glasses of champagne.

Rocío Oliva was born on July 14, 1990, in Buenos Aires, but lived a few years of her life in Cordoba. She is football player and fan of River Plate.

As the girlfriend of Maradona, Oliva is a controversial woman. She and the former player met in Mar de Plata in the year 2010, during an event for the Argentine national football team Maradona was training back then. At that time, Diego was reportedly happy in his relationship with Verónica Ojeda, and nothing happened between them. However, a few months ago he resumed contact with Oliva in Dubai and, we now know, a relationship blossomed.

Despite her young age, Oliva has lots of experience in the limelight and a past full of controversy that the media of her country is rushing to bring to the surface. Previously, she maintained a romantic relationship with Pablo Giron, a hooligan sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of a fan of River Plate. In addition to this, the Argentine magazine “Muy” published some photographs of the young lady kissing with another female player which unleashed all kinds of speculation and comments from the public.

Giannina Maradona and Kun Agüero

If this wasn’t enough press for Maradona, his daughter, Giannina Maradona, is involved in a separation from her partner, the famous football player from Manchester City, Kun Agüero. She is asking for $15,000 per month to rent a house in Buenos Aires which the player refuses because he finds it excessive. In addition, they have begun a legal battle for the monthly fee for little Benjamin, the couple’s son. The judicial dispute is coinciding with the romance between the football player and Princess Karina, a famous Cumbia singer who is also litigating with her ex-partner for their child.

When will the drama end? For the Maradona family and loved ones, it would appear not in the near future. There are too many open cases, unanswered questions and shameless members of the media just dying to get their hands on the latest news from the tumultuous family.

Maradona public appearance with new girlfriend Rocio Oliva

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