03/11/2013 07:34 am ET

'Mob Wives': Renee Decides That She Needs To Get An Attack Dog (VIDEO)

Renee was worried about safety on "Mob Wives," so she decided it was probably time she got an attack dog for the house. "I want a dog that’s going to kill you," she told Big Ang.

"If that’s what make you feel better, then do it," Ang told her.

But the reaction from the other women was mixed, and sometimes hilarious. "Renee is the last person in the world that, I think, should have an attack dog, because she screams all the time," Drita said. "'Ahhh! I need spaghetti!' The dog will be paranoid all day long."

Nevertheless, the women joined Renee on a three-hour trip to a kennel to pick out a dog. Renee ultimately decided she wasn't ready for one, though. Perhaps because the owner reminded her that dogs are not bullet-proof.

Renee will just have to be her own protection for now on "Mob Wives," Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on VH1.

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