03/11/2013 09:54 am ET Updated Mar 13, 2013

Morrissey Battling Double Pneumonia But Not Hospitalized As Previously Reported (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Despite earlier reports to the contrary, Morrissey's publicist told BBC News that the singer was not hospitalized after all.

But he is battling double pneumonia, as previously reported, and his upcoming San Francisco show is still postponed until May 1. Morrissey has canceled 21 gigs so far this year due to his illnesses, according to BCC News.

Less than two months after canceling shows because of a bleeding ulcer, Morrissey is now reportedly battling pneumonia in both lungs.

The 53-year-old singer is being treated at a hospital in San Francisco and has rescheduled another concert date, according to a statement posted on fan site True to You. Morrissey insists he'll be well again in time to perform at Mexico's Vive Latino Festival on March 14.

The former Smiths frontman originally canceled shows in January after it was revealed he was suffering from a throat condition known as Barrett’s esophagus, which is often associated with lethal cancer, along with the bleeding ulcer.

Morrissey was slated to perform at the Regents Ballroom in San Francisco this past weekend, but the show has now been postponed until May 1.

The singer has been the subject of a bevy of headlines lately, not all of which have centered on his health issues. At a Los Angeles concert on March 1, the outspoken vegetarian slammed Beyonce for wearing handbags that he said aid in the extinction of the rhino. In keeping with this fervent vegetarianism, Morrissey canceled his appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" shortly before his Beyonce rant after finding out the host was also scheduled to have the cast of hunting show "Duck Dynasty" appear on the same epsiode. Morrissey has also ignited feuds with Paul McCartney and the queen of England, who he said "wears enough fur to blanket most of Russia."