03/11/2013 06:05 am ET Updated Mar 11, 2013

'The Walking Dead': Negotiations Break Down As War Becomes Inevitable (VIDEO)

Inching toward a war that seems like "The Walking Dead" has been building to forever, the Governor sat down with Rick at a negotiating table. But true negotiation was never really on the Governor's mind. He made a big show of disarming himself, and then sat in front of a gun taped to the table out of Rick's line of sight. Then, he postured on.

It was revealed that Andrea set up the meeting, but the Governor quickly put her in her place, establishing that he does what he wants and she has no power to dictate anything. Then, he told Rick the only negotiation he would accept was complete and total surrender. As the talks went on, though, he changed his tune. He offered Rick complete immunity for his entire crew if he would just give up Michonne. He gave him two days to think about it.

The whole display, according to HitFix, showed how inconsistent a character the Governor is. They wrote, "The Governor ... feels like a character the show still doesn't entirely have a handle on … At times, he's held up as someone who's simply approaching the apocalypse differently from Rick … And then there are other times where he's just a two-dimensional villain."

The episode ended with both leaders going back to their people and changing the story. The Governor declared that he wanted to kill everyone who showed up for the exchange except for Michonne. This revelation may be the impetus Milton finally needs to turn from his side. As for Rick, he told his people that the Governor was coming for the prison and they needed to prepare for war.

If this is building excitement, though, it's not working for The Atlantic. They wrote, "Despite the season-long buildup, I'm actually not looking forward to the big fight, which feels so telegraphed and inevitable at this point that I'm already kind of bored by it."

War is coming on "The Walking Dead," Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on AMC.

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