03/11/2013 06:05 am ET

'Vikings': Ragnar And His Crew Set Sail Across The Seas To The West (VIDEO)

"Vikings" wasted no time with Ragnar's quest to find a crew to sail to the west. By the time this hour was up, they'd traveled west, done what vikings do best, and were headed home with the spoils of their great battle. Granted, in this case their battle was with peace-loving monks so it wasn't much of a struggle to take them out.

When they kicked open the doors to find the monks praying, the vikings systematically just started to kill them. "They are killing because, well, that’s what they set out to do," The AV Club said. "Their very workmanlike murder is as mystifying as it is frightening."

IGN explained that to the vikings, there is no such things as a non-combatant, writing, "These are men who deem 'the next people they see' as enemies to be slaughtered."

When Ragnar found one monk who spoke their language, he deemed him better suited and more valuable as a slave back home. There were several monks brought back on board the ship as their monastery burned. Just another day at the office.

History's first-ever dramatic series, "Vikings," continues on Sundays at 10 p.m. EST.

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