03/12/2013 10:53 am ET Updated Mar 12, 2013

Gatorade Celebration Fail: North Platte Lady Knights Wipe Out Coach (VIDEO)

Who knew that the fortune of a basketball coach could change so quickly? One minute, he's won the NJCA District F National Qualifying Game. Seconds later, he's flat on his back, wet and likely wondering how many push-ups to assign the girls responsible.

According to, Abby Thu, the granddaughter of North Platte Community College Lady Knights coach Richard Thurin, watched as the team soundly thumped Dakota College 64-40. The Sandhills Express reports that Paige Hasty and DaVontaye Merritt were the game's top scorers. However, Thu then caught her grandfather fall victim to the team's celebration. While it might be a great idea for football game wins, the iconic Gatorade dump didn't go so well inside the gymnasium where the girls were playing.

The Lady Knights play Mesa Community College in the first round of the national tournament next week, reports If they win, let's hope they settle for a high-five.