03/12/2013 04:31 pm ET

John Bolton Launches Super PAC

Former United Nations ambassador and Fox News contributor John Bolton has started a new super PAC focused on national security.

According to the Center for Public Integrity, which first reported the news, Bolton set up both a super PAC (Bolton for America Super PAC) and a regular political action committee (Bolton for America PAC).

"The goal for the committees is restoring national security issues to their proper place on the political agenda," Mark Groombridge, a long-time Bolton adviser, told CPI. Highlighting U.S. policy in Asia and the Middle East will be a top priority.

Traditional PACs have limits on individual contributions, while super PACs can raise and spend unlimited amounts of money, as long as they don't coordinate with the political parties and candidates. Both must disclose their donors to the Federal Elections Commission.

CPI noted that both of Bolton's groups are still far from becoming legitimate political forces, with no staff, fundraising plan or organization framework.

Bolton served as President George W. Bush's U.N. ambassador and remains an outspoken neoconservative voice with his perch at Fox News. He is also a senior fellow at the conservative American Enterprise Institute. In December, Bolton stirred up controversy after falsely implying that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had faked an injury to avoid testifying before Congress about the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.



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