03/12/2013 01:15 pm ET Updated Apr 03, 2014

Marwaan Rajakazee, 9, Falls From England's Third Tallest Mountain And Walks Away With A Bruised Leg (PHOTOS)

Last month, 9-year-old Marwaan Rajakazee took a 160 foot fall that many thought would end his life.

Instead, he walked away largely unharmed.

On February 13, Marwaan was hiking in the English Lake District with his father, Imtiaz. They took the same snowy path they had taken a year ago.

The Rajakazees were making their way down Helvellyn's Swirral Edge ridge when Marwaan slipped on the icy slopes of England's third tallest mountain where 7 people have died in the past 5 years.

"One minute he was next to me, the next he was gone," Imtiaz Rajakazee told the Mirror. “His body picked up speed. He ­disappeared through rocks and seemed to hit everything as he went."

Watching his son tumble down the mountain "like a ragdoll" the older Rajakazee feared the worst. "I thought I had lost him," he said.

However, after the fall when he finally reached his son, Marwaan sat up and said "I'm alive!"

Shortly thereafter, medical staff arrived on the scene via helicopter and transported Marwaan to the Royal Infirmary in Newcastle where they expected to treat him for head and pelvic injuries.

"All I can remember is people putting me on a stretcher, tying me to something and lifting me up into the helicopter," the boy said in an interview with the Mirror, "I couldn't see anything because they put a thing on my neck that kept me in one position. I've only got bruises. I wasn't too scared."

Imtiaz Rajakazee later told the Mirror that this wasn't Marwaan's first stroke of good luck. He described his son as "accident prone."

"His mum’s not pleased. I like adventure but she thinks I take it too far," he said. "When you live dangerously these things happen."



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