03/12/2013 06:05 pm ET Updated Mar 13, 2013

San Francisco Transit: The Top Commuter Complaints Revealed (PHOTOS)

If there's one thing San Franciscans love more than complaining, it's complaining about public transportation.

Researchers from University of California-Berkeley surveyed Bay Area commuters to determine the most frustrating aspect of riding the city's transit system.

The survey asked participants to rate the importance of "reliability aspects." Late buses, inaccurate information from mobile applications and crowded subways were all considered to be "unreliability factors." Most negative riding experiences were perceived to be faults of the transit agency, rather than faults of the riders themselves.

Delays on board proved to be the top complaint of transit riders. Delays at transfer locations also came in as a major gripe.

“Waiting at the origin stop where you first get on, having a delay there is not as important as having a delay at the transfer stop,” Researcher Andre Carrel told the Canadian Broadcast Corporation.

The study also found that Bay Area riders hate surprises. Respondents valued consistent arrival times over shorter wait times.

Bay Area riders overwhelmingly prefer an "ignorance is bliss" approach to their transit routine. In some cases, real-time information services like to-the-minute arrival times can highlight the unattractiveness of infrequent services.

We rounded up the list of the top sources of rider dissatisfaction. Did your complaint make the cut?

Top Eight Complaints From Bay Area Transit Riders