03/13/2013 08:49 am ET

5 Places To Fit In Fitness (VIDEO)

Study after study tells us that exercise is one of the most important behaviors for maintaining overall health and preventing disease. But even though we know that just a little fitness can have a big impact, it is still a challenge to include exercise in our over-scheduled days.

There is hope for even the busiest would-be fitness star: fitness expert, John Basedow shows us five places to try minimal workouts. Stuck in your car, the bus or train en route to work? No problem, engage your abs by sitting up straight and tensing your core for an ab crunch exercise. You'll be surprised how much you can work while not moving. And if you can add any walking to your commute, that small movement adds up. Getting off the bus or train one stop early or parking further away from your office all counts. You can also substitute the elevator for stairs.

Basedow isn't suggesting anything too radical here. He explains how you can work out on your vacation, but who wouldn't love a beautiful run, or even stroll, along the beach? If running isn't for you then light workout equipment in your luggage -- like fitness bands -- can help bring fitness to your trip.

If all else fails, Basedow suggests lifting free weights while watching television. Even sitting while sitting on the couch you can reap the benefits of an arm workout.

Now that you have no excuses to add just a teeny bit of exercise into your day, go do it!

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