03/13/2013 05:02 pm ET

CTA Rail Colors In Google Maps: 'L' System Stands Out In New Map Design Inspired By Petition (PHOTO)

Chicago Transit Authority passengers know the system has plenty of colorful characters, but now a petition to Google has resulted in transit maps to match.

CTA Tattler took a moment Monday to refresh memories of a reader's 2012 petition urging Google to "Give the Chicago L lines their proper colors" before noting a key development.

It worked.

Now, Google Maps shows Chicago covered in rainbow-hued train lines when the "Transit" overlay map is checked.

Petitioner Seth Blumenthal of Champaign, Ill. reasoned rail lines for other major city transit systems like New York, London and Paris all have color-coded representation in Google Maps, and as one of the U.S.'s largest mass transit systems, the CTA should, too.

Blumenthal sent a note to the CTA Tattler after the update writing users will now "see the L rendered in shiny, correct colors." making for what he has said is a "more authentic presentation of this transit system."

Amid the recent criticism the agency's proposed new payment system discriminates against low-income riders, the CTA has had a trickle of good news to appease passengers.

First Purple and Brown Line service into the Loop was restored following Wells Street bridge construction, and last Friday, RedEye reported all CTA stations were slated to have new Train Tracker displays by Labor Day.

In another (perhaps) recent change to Chicago's Google Maps representation, Reddit user large-farva noted Tuesday that map users could make Cabrini-Green disappear -- and reappear again -- from the city's cartographic layout by taking just one virtual "step." The last remaining Cabrini-Green high-rise came down in 2011.



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