03/13/2013 05:58 pm ET Updated Mar 15, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence Is Even Liked By The Westboro Baptist Church


If it seems like everyone loves Jennifer Lawrence, it's because it's true. Even the Westboro Baptist Church, which hates everyone, likes her.

When Vice set out to see if Lawrence was so popular that she could even charm hate groups including the National Socialist Freedom Movement and the League of the South, they discovered that most groups didn't care about the actress one way or another. The WBC, however, shockingly doesn't hate Lawrence.

WBC member Steve Drain was surprised by Vice's inquiry into the group's thoughts on the Oscar-winning actress.

"You talking about the Hunger Games woman? You want a statement on Jennifer Lawrence? From the Westboro Baptist Church?" he asked to make sure he'd understood the magazine's question correctly.

"I don't know enough about her," Drain said, adding that he did see her in person when he was taking a tour of NBC, and Lawrence was practicing a skit for "Saturday Night Live."

"OK. Jennifer Lawrence... I think that most of the young people in our church saw Hunger Games. And I think they all liked that... She just kinda bursted onto the scene, didn't she? She doesn't have a very long film career, does she?" he asked the magazine, and was told that Lawrence was nominated for many awards a few years ago for her role in "Winter's Bone."

"Oh! That's her? Winter's Bone rocked! That was a great flick," he said. "I like Winter's Bone quite a bit. I think she did a very nice job there. Yep."

There you have it. The Westboro Baptist Church -- whose members picket funerals, concerts and seemingly everything else -- they like Jennifer Lawrence.

For more on what hate groups think of Jennifer Lawrence, click over to Vice.



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