03/13/2013 07:31 am ET Updated Mar 13, 2013

'Justified': Everyone's Trying To Take Possession Of Drew Thompson (VIDEO)

After Shelby was revealed to be Drew Thompson, absolutely everyone was gunning for him on the latest episode of "Justified." Unfortuantely for Boyd and the "bad guy" coalition, Raylan intercepted him and got his hands on him first.

Drew had been trying to make a run for it with everybody's favorite still-not-dead hooker, but after he was blocked at the airport, and stonewalled in his efforts to even drive out of Harlan County, he wound up captured by the butcher in the holler. Boyd bought him back for a pretty penny and was going to hand him of to Theo Tonin.

Ultimately, Drew found himself in the hands of Raylan and the authorities. But even that doesn't mean it's over. With all of those powerful and very nasty people coming after him, Raylan has quite a challenge on his hand. As said, viewers are now in for a roller coaster of a ride as Raylan has to get Drew out of Harlan alive.

Collider expects an "epic throwdown" with Theo Tonin before that happens, though.

The proverbial you-know-what should start hitting the fan right away on "Justified," Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST on FX.

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