03/13/2013 05:31 am ET Updated Mar 13, 2013

Nina Dobrev's Mother Gives Her Notes On Her 'Vampire Diaries' Sex Scenes (VIDEO)

Sure there are a lot of steamy sex scenes on "The Vampire Diaries," but does anyone stop to imagine what it's like filming those scenes for the actors? Nina Dobrev talked about it on "Conan," and about how much more awkward those moments become when her mom stops by the set for a visit.

"When I come off set, she starts giving me notes," Dobrev said. "Like, arch your back more. It’ll look sexier if you arch your back."

"That’s creepy! I’m sorry, your mom shouldn’t be saying that stuff," Conan O'Brien retorted.

At least Dobrev's mother is clearly comfortable with the demands of the job. Maybe a little too comfortable.

With or without her mom's advice, Dobrev surely has plenty more sex scenes to come. "The Vampire Diaries" is such a hit for The CW that the network not only renewed the show for a fifth season, but they're also developing a spin-off series.

See Nina Dobrev in action on "The Vampire Diaries," Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on The CW. "Conan" airs weeknights at 11 p.m. EST on TBS.

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