03/14/2013 05:29 am ET

'Duck Dynasty': Korie Sprays Herself Down With Doe Urine While Deer Hunting (VIDEO)

Willie and Jase took their wives deer hunting on "Duck Dynasty," but they didn't properly prep the women beforehand. So when the ladies showed up smelling of perfume, they knew they had a problem. They weren't going to find any deer with the women's scent so strong.

Jase tried covering up Missy's perfume by rubbing mud on her, but Korie was absolutely determined to not let Korie do the same to her. He'd handed her a bottle of liquid to hold, so she just started spraying herself down with that. Immediately, she realized something was wrong, because it smelled awful.

"You didn’t just spray that on you?" Willie asked her. "That would be doe urine. I got it for the decoy, not you."

"If you see a deer headed your way, you need to stay high," Jase told her. Willie added the explanation, saying, "'Cause he’ll try to molest you."

While it wasn't made clear on the episode, Channel Guide Magazine wondered just what Korie thought was in that bottle that she would spray it all over herself like that. Was she that afraid of getting coated in mud?

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