03/14/2013 02:35 pm ET Updated Mar 15, 2013

'Girls' Adam Sex Scene: Actor Chris O'Dowd Talks Controversial 'On All Fours' Moments

From stuck Q-tips to embarrassing vocal performances, Sunday's episode of "Girls" had its fair share of cringe-worthy moments, but the most memorable and controversial scene was the horrible -- and possibly non-consensual -- sex Adam (Adam Driver) had with Natalia (Shiri Appleby).

"Girls" vet Chris O'Dowd, who appeared on the series earlier this season as Jessa's husband Thomas-John, told The Hollywood Reporter that he would "probably" have gone along with the scene if Lena Dunham had asked him to do it.

"What I love about that show is that it's honest. If sh-t happens, why not shoot it? That's why they call it shooting the sh-t," he said.

The "Girls" scene in question has led to a conversation about whether or not Adam raped Natalia.

Vulture's Margaret Lyons wrote:

"Girls" thrives in that scary area bounded by what we say we want, what we actually want, and what we want people to think we want. In lighthearted episodes, that triangulation leaves us wondering why Ray is so focused on certain cuts of jeans. In darker episodes, we're left to wonder if one of our favorite characters is actually a rapist.

Jace Lacob of The Daily beast wrote:

"Girls" strives for something both deeper and darker here, a revelation that there are repercussions to physical intimacy, that Natalia’s humiliation and debasement are not sexy, but painful. As I said on Twitter yesterday, “Elsewhere, it’s sanitized objectification. Here, it dares paint itself for what it is: messy.”

And Joe Flint of the Los Angeles Times wrote:

Asked about the scene, an HBO spokeswoman said, "'Girls' has a raw honesty that viewers appreciate." In a prepared statement, she added, "This is nothing more than use of props" ... To younger viewers, who have been exposed to graphic sexual images via the Internet for years, any concern over the scene might be seen as much ado about nothing ... But to this reporter, it was a boundary crossed and more than just a use of props.

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The Season 2 finale of "Girls" airs on Sunday, Mar. 15 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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