03/14/2013 06:54 pm ET Updated Mar 15, 2013

Kreation Juice ATM: Beverly Hills Juicery Offers 24-Hour Juice From A Machine

LA is running on juice. Apparently it's not enough for Angelenos that, in true Starbuck's fashion, there are now multiple juice bars within blocks of each other in the city. Kreation Juice is taking it a step further: now you can get a juice 24 hours a day from a juice ATM.

Kreation Juicery has opened its second "cold-press" store in Beverly Hills, and right out in front is a hot orange 24-hour "Juice Machine."

Because you never know what craving might hit at 2 a.m. or 4 a.m. You might be dying for a Glow or Harmony or Vitality juice.

We kid, but if you decide to follow one of the cleanses they advertise, you might actually reach desperation at 2 a.m.

Or, you may need a juice to counterbalance the late-night Sprinkles cupcake you got from the 24-hour Sprinkles ATM in Beverly Hills. Does it work that way? Here's to hoping.

h/t LA Eater



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