03/14/2013 12:20 pm ET Updated Mar 14, 2013

Louie Gohmert CPAC: Congressman Relitigates Vietnam, Advocates For Balochistan Independence

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) on Thursday struck a markedly hawkish tone at a CPAC panel, asserting that the Vietnam War had been "winnable."

"People in Washington decided that we could not win it," he said, echoing a well-established conservative talking point.

"Nixon says we'll go out of it, we'll go to peace talks, and then he carpet-bombed North Vietnam. They rush back to the table, and we surrender in effect," he said.

He went on to say if only the United States had carpet bombed North Vietnam for one more week -- a move that caused heavy civilian casualties -- then the nation would have surrendered unconditionally.

That statement drew cheers from the audience.

Later on, Gohmert called on the United States to entice separatist ambitions in the Balochistan region of Pakistan. "What if in Washington, we started talking about an independent Balochistan? Pakistani arrogance would die overnight."

Gohmert, speaking to The Huffington Post in January 2012, advocated a similar policy of carving out a separate entity in a country that is both an ally and nuclear power to defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Later on in the question and answer session, he spoke out against occupying countries, but said that if the U.S. finds itself at war with another nation, it should just "take 'em out." Afterward, he said, the U.S. should leave that nation alone and not "get in [its] way" -- unless the U.S. doesn't like the new government that forms there, in which case it should "take them out too."

Below, a liveblog of the latest updates from CPAC:

03/16/2013 5:31 PM EDT

Rand Paul Scores Straw Poll Win

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) came out on top of this year's CPAC straw poll. Click here to read more.

03/16/2013 4:54 PM EDT

Birther's 'Inappropriate' Questions Face Fire

From HuffPost's Paige Lavender:

Orly Taitz, commonly known as the "Birther Queen," was rebuked by blogger Pamela Geller during a Saturday panel on Islam and national security at the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference.

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03/16/2013 4:53 PM EDT

Walker Goes 47%: Obama Wants 'Government Dependence'

HuffPost's Jason Linkins reports:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker took the stage Saturday at CPAC, praising the assemblage for its support during the fraught Wisconsin recall fight, which Walker won, allowing him to stay in power. His speech was themed around the idea that the states are the laboratories of policy -- "Real reform does not happen in Washington, it happens in the statehouses throughout this country," he said -- and that he, in particular, was leading the way to end "government dependency."

If future GOP presidential runs depend on silver-tongues articulation of dorm-room "makers vs. takers" arguments, then Walker's future is pretty bright.

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PHOTO: CPAC Highlights, Sarah Palin Drinks 'Big Gulp' On Stage: 'Bloomberg's Not Around. Don't Worry'

sarah palin cpac 2013

(Photo by Pete Marovich/Getty Images)

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PHOTO: CPAC Highlights, Rick Santorum Looks Like He Is About To Give Us A Knuckle-Sandwich

santorum cpac 2013

(Photo by Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images)

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CPAC Highlights: Steve King

@ elisefoley :

RT @EvanMcSan: Steve King calls them "undocumented Democrats" #Immigration #CPAC2013

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PHOTO: CPAC Highlights, Michele Bachmann: Conservatism Is "The Movement Of Love, The Movement Of Care."

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Phyllis Schlafly Invited CPAC Audience To Follow Her On Twitter

@ achorowitz :

Phyllis Schlafly just asked if we would please follow her on Twitter. What.

03/16/2013 12:52 PM EDT

Schlafly On Immigration

@ Bencjacobs :

Phyllis Schafly says immigrants will all vote Democratic, I don't think Marco Rubio agrees #cpac

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Phyllis Schlafly On Amnesty

@ jmartpolitico :

Phyllis Schlafly: "comprehensive is a synonym for amnesty"



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