03/14/2013 05:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Man Saves Dog On Window Ledge Just In Time, But The Situation Could Have Been Avoided (PHOTO)

For pet owners and animal lovers alike, this photo is sure to strike a chord. Reddit user 241972lbk uploaded this image of a dog precariously standing on the ledge of a second floor window of an apartment building.

According to 241972lbk, who works as a maintenance man for Texas Tech University's student living apartments, this little guy belonged to a resident who left the windows open while away for spring break.... with their pooch inside. Luckily, 241972lbk made it just in time to save him. But this troubling story isn't necessarily isolated to this incident. Needless to say, when thinking about ways this situation could have been avoided, the importance of window guards come to mind. (And, um, not leaving your dog in an empty apartment for days on end.)

dog on window ledge

Photo by Reddit User: 241972lbk

In places such as New York, it's legally mandatory to have a window guard if a residence houses a child of 10 years or younger, according to the New York Times. Most guards are relatively inexpensive, such as this Grisham Bar by Home Depot.

So whether there are children, pets or even both at home, taking the extra precaution is always worth the inconvenience. And while we're on the subject of saving animals, these touching images of rescued pets in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy remind us how special our four-legged companions really are to us:

Hurricane Sandy Animals Rescues

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