03/15/2013 09:12 pm ET

Buzzer Beaters: NCAA Tournament Highlights Include Iconic Shots From Laettner, Drew (VIDEO)

Nothing makes basketball fans and armchair bracketologists go mad in March quite like a buzzer beater.

Whether the last-gasp game-winner results in a bracket-busting upset or a narrow escape for a popular favorite, there is nothing quite like a buzzer beater, especially if Gus Johnson is on the call. Not only can these memorable moments define the legacy of a top player but they can indelibly imprint the name of an otherwise unheralded hoopster in the memories of countless fans.

From the inconic Grant Hill-to-Christian Laettner miracle shot in the 1992 Elite Eight and Bryce Drew's game-winning three-pointer in 1998 to Drew Nicholas' 2003 running fadeaway to stave off an upset and Lorenzo Charles' title-clinching put-back in 1983, here are 19 of the most memorable buzzer beaters in the history of the NCAA Tournament.



NCAA Tournament Buzzer Beaters