03/15/2013 03:36 pm ET

Olivia Wilde Engaged: Actress Jokes About How She Met Jason Sudeikis (VIDEO)

You'll never guess where Olivia Wilde met her fiance, Jason Sudeikis: in a bear cage.

Just kidding.

In an appearance on "Chelsea Lately" Thursday, the actress complained that the story of how she and Sudeikis met isn't very funny, so she joked that she and Sudeikis actually met at the zoo.

"I was trying to feed the bear and I leaned over and fell in, and then he jumped in, naked, and saved me," Wilde said. "It turned out he actually was the bear. He's incredibly hairy."

All kidding aside, Wilde said Sudeikis is "the best. He's so cool." Watch the video above to see more of her and Chelsea Handler's hilarious thoughts on Sudeikis.

Wilde recently revealed to Marie Claire that she actually met Sudeikis at the "Saturday Night Live" finale in 2011, and the two began dating six months later. They announced their engagement in January.

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