03/15/2013 03:12 pm ET

The Story Behind This Amazing Ice Biking Video

Up here in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula you have to find ways to have fun in winter or you’ll go nuts. There’s a lot of chatter back and forth about fat bikes (most locals in the UP still call them snow bikes because that’s when we primarily ride them, but some ride them year round) on the forums, etc., debating if they are a fad or if they look stupid, etc. But to most of us it’s all about the fun. They’re just another bike in the quiver. Road. Mountain. Cross. Fat. Repeat. It’s a progression of the sport, at least regionally. Marquette’s a college town of 20,000 hardy souls that manages to support four core bike shops so when the fat bike came around we didn’t waste any time in embracing it. Our local trails club the Noquemanon Trails Club invented their own bike specific groomer and is grooming 11 miles of dedicated snow single track. Super flowy, smooth as butter, frozen berms, rhythm sections, it’s all there and we’re loving it.

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