03/15/2013 12:00 pm ET

The Strokes' 'All The Time' Video: Remember The Strokes?

From the "Veronica Mars" movie Kickstarter campaign to the upcoming return of "Arrested Development," 2013 has been one long bout of nostalgia. ("Girl Meets World"? Sure thing, says The Internet.) Which is why this new video for The Strokes' latest single, "All the Time," fits right in with the current pop-culture landscape: it's not so much a video as a montage of clips and concert footage designed to make Strokes fans remember The Strokes.

Put another way: "Oh, so we're already in the 'Greatest Hits' phase," wrote Amanda Dobbins at Vulture about the "All the Time" video. Indeed, though that's kind of the problem: The Strokes have a new album, "Comedown Machine," coming out on March 26, and it's likely that O.G. Strokes fans from that long-forgotten time period of the early '00s don't need any reminders of the band's relevance. Or maybe they do; after all, "Veronica Mars" only went off the air in 2007 and six years later, its return is being treated like the Second Coming. Wrote Vulture editor Josh Wolk about this phenomena:

"It may seem strange to call love of 'Veronica Mars' 'nostalgia,' since it only went off the air six years ago, but the window between pop-culture farewells and moony, idyllic remembrance has shrunk so much that the lag between sign-offs and sanctification is about eight months, depending on the number of catchphrases the show in question spawned. Just as online comments sections are now forums for people to voice the most polemic versions of their own beliefs, so too has the internet escalated people’s public and mutually enabled love of the past, be it from their childhood or last year."

All of which is to say, here's the video for "All The Time." Strokes fans, old and young, can watch above and then speculate wildly as to why the band didn't get together to film a new video.

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