03/16/2013 07:24 am ET

Barbara Hillary On Being The First Black Woman To Go To The North And South Poles (VIDEO)

"When I retired at 62, I decided to branch out and do something different," said Barbara Hillary.

For most people, doing something different may mean taking up a new hobby or learning a new language. But Hillary's idea of "different" was far loftier. She's the first African-American woman to reach the North and South Poles, after all.

"When I realized that no black woman had reached both poles, I decided why not do it while it was still open to set that record.

"As long as you have reasonably good health, why make yourself old?" Hillary asked.

This record holder's story is nothing short of inspirational. To hear how the cancer survivor got to the poles -- and her advice on the best way to live your life -- watch the video above.

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