03/16/2013 02:21 pm ET Updated May 16, 2013

JTT On 'Last Man Standing': Watch Clips Of His 'Home Improvement' Reunion With Tim Allen (VIDEO)

This week, it's finally happening: JTT is stopping by "Last Man Standing" and reuniting him with his former TV dad Tim Allen.

Believe us, this mini-"Home Improvement" reunion does not disappoint.

Fans have buzzing about Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Allen together again on screen and in the two sneak peeks clips below, there are plenty of allusions to the actors' Tool Time days.

In the March 22 episode of "Last Man Standing," titled "College Girl," Thomas plays Jon, a friend of Kristin's (Amanda Fuller) who used to work with her at the diner. While out on a special date at a trendy, upscale restaurant with Ryan (Jordan Masterson), Kristin is surprised to see Jon, who now owns the restaurant.

In the first clip above, Kristin and Jon reunite and there's some banter about being a middle child, which is where Thomas' "Home Improvement" character Randy fell in the birth order. "A lot of times, that middle child ends up being the funny one becomes he wants the attention," Jon says with a smile

In the second clip below, Kristin introduces Jon to her parents and Mike (Allen) can't help but think they've met before. "Man, you look familiar," Mike says to Jon when he walks in the door.

Tune in to see the full "Home Improvement" reunion when JTT guest stars on "Last Man Standing" on Fri., Mar. 22 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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