03/18/2013 01:23 pm ET Updated Mar 18, 2013

Jay Bilas Rips NCAA Tournament Selections

Jay Bilas is not impressed by the work of the 10-member NCAA committee that chose the field of 68 teams in the 2013 NCAA Tournament. The ESPN college basketball analyst vented his frustrations on Twitter on Sunday night and kept at it during a radio appearance on Monday morning.

Bilas took issue with the committee's apparent preference for smaller schools with gaudy records, including La Salle, Boise State, St. Mary's and Middle Tennessee State, over power conference teams with more quality wins.

When pressed about the selections of smaller schools after the selection show, NCAA selection committee chairman Mike Bobinski told the panel on CBS that the decision came down to teams' ability to win away from home.

"We looked at Middle Tennessee's veteran team, their ability to win on the road," Bobinski told Seth Davis on CBS when asked why Middle Tennessee was selected with just one win against a team in the top 100 in RPI, per SB Nation. "Really no rough patches along the way. They do have a win over Ole Miss which looks a little bit better at this point in time. The difference between Middle Tennessee and some of the other teams you mentioned was really, in our mind, their ability to win on the road."

That didn't seem to sit well with Bilas.

"So the stuff that they said they tried to justify the selections with, really what they were saying is, we're not looking this year at who you beat. We don't care about who you beat. We want to know who you lost to. Because we're going to hold you responsible for losses rather than showing your capable of beating really good teams," Bilas said on ESPN's Mike & Mike on Monday morning. "If they're going to spend all this time and money seeding it then do it right. It's not that hard."

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