03/18/2013 04:45 pm ET

Los Angeles Police Chase Videos Edited Into One NBC LA Supercut

Los Angeles car culture has a dark side: high-speed police chases, preferably televised. No one knows this better than local news channel NBC LA, which is why the station released a supercut video of the year's most infamous car chases Monday.

News junkies will enjoy footage from September's "money toss" bank robbery and last month's balloon-huffing driver, as well as a clip of a man watching a car chase that hits a little too close to home.

But perhaps what's most noteworthy about the supercut is what it doesn't include; namely, NBC LA's live TV coverage of the death of 19-year-old driver Abdul Arian. He was shot to death by police after he claimed to have a gun. He was, in fact, only carrying a cellphone.

Below: photos from Abdul Arian's funeral and press conference about his death.

Abdul Arian Funeral