03/18/2013 08:22 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Prince Charles' Sunglasses Are The Coolest Things He Owns (PHOTOS)


You know we love a good Royal Tour, which allows us to see our typically prim-and-proper royals thrown into unusual situations (cuddling koalas, dancing to Bob Marley, wearing cowboy hats, hanging with kangaroos, etc). Prince Charles rose to the occasion on his latest trip abroad, a tour of the Middle East, with one of his edgier fashion statements: sunglasses.

We've seen Charles in shades before, but it throws us every time. We usually don't associate Charles, with his double-breasted suits and a fashion sense that "only changes every 25 years," with such a cool style. But against all odds, the prince rocks Wayfarer-like sunnies with the best of them -- including his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall.

Check out photos of Charles and Camilla hamming it up in Oman, the fourth and last country of their Middle Eastern tour. You've got to admit: With those sunglasses on, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall look like one cool set of grandparents-to-be.


prince charles sunglasses

prince charles sunglasses

prince charles sunglasses

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Royals in Sunglasses

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