03/18/2013 02:31 pm ET Updated Mar 18, 2013

Sofía Vergara Opens Up About Frozen Eggs, Love Life And Plans To Expand The Family

It's been confirmed! Sofia Vergara is thinking about welcoming a new baby to the family, and she is preparing for it by freezing her eggs.

In an interview for the new April edition of Vogue magazine, the Colombian star confesses she is undergoing a complicated process that includes taking hormone pills and injections, to make sure she can become a mother for the second time.

“I have to be careful with what I eat because they’re freezing my eggs,” she said in the interview. “My boyfriend is 37, younger than me, never had kids. So.”

The star is already mom to Manolo, 21, who she confesses was named after the "Scarface" character, played by Steven Bauerwith, with the same name. She admits the actor was “very handsome” and “superhot” for her at the time.

After rumors of problems between her and her fiancé Nick Loeb sparked at the end of last year, the actress assured the magazine she's enjoying her relationship with the businessman, and even showed off her exuberant engagement ring, which she found to be just "perfect" for her.

“I love it… because it’s big enough. If it had been bigger, I couldn’t have worn it every day,” she says. “And if it had been smaller, I wouldn’t have liked it. It’s heavy, but I don’t take it off even to work out.”

During the interview, Vergara also recognizes she started to really succeed in her career after she realized she needed to stay true to herself even if that meant showing her vulnerabilities and not hiding her heavy accent.

“[I took] accent classes, you know? Like speech classes? To see if I can fix it a little bit. But I spent so much money, so much time, and then when I would go to auditions I was always thinking about the pronunciation because you are supposed to put the tongue like this or—you know—like this, so then I would forget to act, and I was not getting any jobs, because all I wanted was to say the words right. And then one day I said, ‘You know what? That’s it. If I can’t get a job with my accent, then this is not a job for me.’”

The ABC’s “Modern Family” star was the highest-paid woman on TV in 2012, reporting estimated revenue of $19 million from fees and endorsements the same year, followed just by Kim Kardashian ($18 million) and Mexican actress Eva Longoria ($15 million), according to Forbes magazine.

In the past there have been speculations about her expecting a baby from a surrogate mother. According to the National Enquirer, Vergara and her fiance decided on a surrogate baby so she could maintain her figure or her career wouldn’t have been ruined by a pregnancy. The actress reportedly "picked one of her healthiest and closest friends" for the job, per the Enquirer.

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