03/18/2013 07:37 am ET

'The Client List': With The Police Closing In, Riley Buries The Client List (VIDEO)

Riley was getting more and more desperate as the latest episode of "The Client List" wore on. Kyle's legal troubles have the local authorities circling around her in a tighter and tighter circle. The literal client list that Georgia gave her to hold on to was hidden inside a stuffed animal during their search of her home.

They even came to The Rub to try and search there, but without a warrant they were unable to do so. That was a close call, as Riley had a massive stack of cash that had been delivered to her via Kyle's associate. "Now if she'd only learn to do something with all that cash she's usually carrying between her breasts or her butt crack, she'd have a lot less to worry about overall," wrote TV Fanatic.

This week, she made the mistake of trying to buy off Kyle's debt with that money. Instead, the guy he owes simply stole it from her and sent her on her way.

Unsure what else to do, Riley drove out to the middle of nowhere and literally buried the book. First, she tried to commit the contents of it to memory, of course. But will this prove a smart move, or a disastrous one? Style Bistro thinks it might be a bad, amateur move.

Find out if it was by tuning in to "The Client List" every Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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