03/18/2013 02:59 pm ET

Tyrone Mings, Soccer Player, Becomes Twitter Sensation After Giving Tickets To Broke Fan

A 20-year-old soccer player in the United Kingdom has been dubbed a "legend" by some netizens after he generously gifted two game tickets to a cash-strapped fan.

Hours before the Football League Championship game Saturday afternoon between Ipswich Town Football Club and Bolton Football Club, soccer fan Tris Monk engaged in some Twitter banter with Ipswich defender Tyrone Mings. Wishing the athlete a good game, Monk wrote that he wanted to attend the match but said he was "skint" (a British slang term for "broke").

Mings responded with a big-hearted offer: free tickets.

Twitter exploded with glee following this awesome exchange, with more than 5,000 netizens retweeting the soccer player's thoughtful response and many praising the young man for his altruism.

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Monk, a father of two, said he thoroughly enjoyed the game and told the BBC that Mings was "a great example to other players."

"It was just amazing," he said. "It just goes to show, with modern footballers, some do care about the fans”

According to the Sun, Mings was an unused substitute for Saturday's game, in which Ipswich bested Bolton 1-0.

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