03/18/2013 05:09 am ET

'Vikings': A Second Raid To The West Leads To Miscommunication, Bloodshed (VIDEO)

It looked as if Ragnar's first successful raid to the west might have been his last on "Vikings." Earl Haraldson confiscated nearly his entire hoard, as well as his boat. All Ragnar got out of it was the priest who spoke their language. But he was able to use him to learn more about the lands to the west, as well as picking up a bit of their language.

He was then able to convince his chieftain to allow him and his men to make a return trip to the west to see what spoils they can find this time. Thanks to information gathered from the priest, they arrived in Northumbria. But whereas they were greeted by pacifist priests the first time around, they encountered the sheriff and his men in Northumbria.

Ragnar was able to communicate with the sheriff, but both groups of men were wary and nervous around one another -- growing more agitated because they were speaking in different languages. IGN said this encounter was "a fascinating look back at what it must have been like for different groups, from different lands, when they crossed each others' paths."

Perhaps inevitably, it ended in bloodshed as Ragnar could not quell the rising tension and anxiety. Ragnar had told the sheriff they were tradesmen and were to be taken to their king. But it didn't get that far, though one man escaped and fled on horseback. The AV Club wrote that the people of Northumbria are "utterly unequipped to deal with the Viking mind-set."

Their first encounter will continue next week on "Vikings," Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on History.

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