03/19/2013 07:47 am ET Updated Mar 19, 2013

Dog The Bounty Hunter Catches A Runner During Guest Spot On 'Hawaii Five-0' (VIDEO)

While it wasn't much of an acting stretch, it was still fun for fans of Dog the Bounty Hunter to see him on television again. Dog showed up as a guest star on "Hawaii Five-0" this week playing himself. And he was dong what he does best, chasing down a runner.

"First time you’ve beat us to a crime scene. What’s up, Dog," Steve said.

"Hey, Steve McGarrett. How ya doing?" Dog said. "I was wondering when we’d run into Five-0."

Sure, it was a five minute spot and Dog was gone before the meat of the episode started, but it was his first television appearance since A&E canceled his reality show last year. And this should just whet the appetites of his fans, because there's more to come.

Dog and his wife are coming back to television on CMT this April when "Dog and Beth: On the Hunt" premieres.

Catch "Hawaii Five-0" every Monday at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

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