03/19/2013 04:22 pm ET Updated Mar 20, 2013

Jordan Drake, Student Who Put Semen In Breath Mint Drops, Could Have Records Sealed Permanently

A former high school student in Saginaw, MI, who put semen in a breath mint drop bottle and distributed it to students could have his arrest record permanently sealed.

Jordan T. Drake, 18, pleaded guilty in January to adulterating a food item in May 2012, when he put semen into a bottle of “Ice Drops” breath mint drops as a senior prank, reported.

Police were notified of Drake's semen stunt after a student who ingested the drops reported the incident, WNEM-TV reported.

Drake was a high achiever at Saginaw Arts & Sciences Academy before the incident, winning science fair and quiz bowl awards, but was suspended after an internal investigation. He had enough units to graduate, but was not allowed to participate in commencement ceremonies, reported.

He also lost a scholarship at Michigan State University and an internship at Dow Chemical Company.

Judge Robert L. Kaczmarek sentenced Drake to 18 months probation, which seals his record immediately. If Drake successfully completes the probation, the record will remain sealed and the charge will be dismissed, reported.

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