03/19/2013 08:18 am ET

Jobs By Well-Being: Who Are The Happiest Workers?

A new report from Gallup shows who the happiest workers in America are, as well as what jobs are associated with the healthiest habits.

The findings are based on more than 170,000 interviews of U.S. adults conducted last year, and measure well-being in terms of physical health, emotional health and fiscal health.

In terms of physical fitness, people who work in the farming, fishing or forestry industry scored the highest on exercise, with 65.5 percent of them saying that they worked out for a minimum of a half-hour for three days (at least!) the week prior. Doctors were the next highest, followed by construction workers/miners, business owners and nurses.

For healthy eating, nurses had all the occupations beat with 64.8 percent saying they had five or more servings of fruits and vegetables for at least four days of the prior week. They were followed by K-12 teachers, business owners, and then doctors.

As far as unhealthy habits are concerned, transportation workers were the most likely to be obese, with 37.1 percent of them reporting being obese. Manufacturing or production workers had the next highest obesity rate -- at 29.6 percent -- followed by installation and repair workers, and clerical or office workers.

People who work in construction or mining had the highest smoking rate in the report, with 32.4 percent reporting smoking. They were followed by installation and repair workers, then transportation workers, then manufacturing or production workers.

For a look at which jobs scored the lowest and the highest for overall well-being, click through the slideshow:

What Job Has The Highest Well-Being?