03/19/2013 10:09 am ET

William Voswinkel Allegedly Slashes Brother With Sword Over Fake Marijuana In Florida

The weed may have been fake, but the sword was not.

A Port Charlotte, Fla. man was arrested after allegedly slicing his little brother's hand open with a sword on Sunday, according to a Charlotte County Sheriff's Office release. The pair had reportedly been arguing over synthetic marijuana when the older brother, 23-year-old William Russell Voswinkel Jr., went berserk.

At 3:20 p.m., police arrived at the Voswinkel home to find blood all over the house, the release states. Initially, other people in the home were uncooperative and the story of the sword fight changed several times.

After a while, deputies learned that Voswinkel got angry during the argument and went into a room that housed a collection of knives and swords. He picked up a blade and "began swinging it in a circular motion," according to the release. His 21-year-old brother entered the room and, in an apparent attempt to defend himself, held his hand out and blocked the swinging blade with his hand. The victim told police he was scared and knew that Voswinkel had a violent criminal past.

Voswinkel told police he got so emotional during the eruption that he went into the living room and punched a glass fishbowl, lacerating his own hand. Both brothers bled throughout the house until cops showed up.

The brothers' statements changed repeatedly, and the two allegedly got more hostile with deputies when they realized that an arrest was coming, according to the Sun Sentinel. But questioning led police to believe that to Voswinkel -- a convicted felon -- was the primary aggressor. He was charged with aggravated battery.



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