03/20/2013 10:58 am ET Updated Mar 20, 2013

'Jane Got A Gun': Gavin O'Connor Replaces Lynne Ramsay On Natalie Portman Western

Less than 24 hours after Lynne Ramsay quit "Jane Got A Gun" on the first day of shooting, Gavin O'Connor has been brought on as her replacement. According to Deadline.com, which broke the news about Ramsay and now O'Connor, filming will begin on Thursday. "Jane Got A Gun" is a Western thriller about a young woman (Natalie Portman) defending her farm and wounded husband from an outlaw gang with the help of an ex-boyfriend (Joel Edgerton). Jude Law plays the film's villain. (UPDATE, 3/20: Deadline.com reports that Law has left the film in the wake of Ramsay's departure; the film's start date is now up in the air.)

Thus far, Ramsay has kept quiet about her reasons for exiting the film on its first day, but THR noted that she had battled with producer Scott Steindorff as recent as last week. HuffPost Entertainment reached out to Ramsay's manager on Tuesday for a statement, however it turned out that the director was managed by Jessica Steindorff, Scott's daughter.

"My father Scott Steindorff prevails under extreme amounts of stress and the show will go on," Steindorff said to HuffPost Entertainment via email. "Sorry, but in this town it's family first." Steindorff wrote that she no longer manages Ramsay.

"Jane Got A Gun" had to weather storms before. Earlier this month, star Michael Fassbender left the project. He was replaced by Law in the cast, but his role went to co-star Edgerton; Law, in turn, took Edgerton's part. Who will replace Law now is unclear. According to Screen Daily, Fassbender left the film because of issues he had with Ramsay.

For more on this wild turn of events, head over to Deadline.com.

[via Deadline.com]

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