03/20/2013 01:33 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Oregon's Lonesome Pizza Shop Apologizes After Anti-Transgender Slur Appears On Menu

An Oregon-based pizzeria has renamed their breadsticks after some members of the local transgender community deemed the menu item's name offensive.

The owners of Lonesome's Pizza, which is located in downtown Portland, apologized for the dish, which had been pegged "tranny stix," as pointed out via Facebook by the blog Transadvocate.

The "tranny stix" were accompanied by a photograph of the restaurant's co-owner Nic Reddy dressed in drag.

The Transadvocate's Facebook post prompted many people to post their opinions on Lonesome Pizza's Facebook page "recommendations" section, reported PQ Monthly. One particular commenter wrote how the menu item was "not funny" and degrading to transgender people.

"Tranny' breadsticks?? Not cool, not funny," the user wrote. "In fact, its quite degrading to transgender people and those who support us, many of whom patronize your establishment. Or used to anyway."

After the controversy spread like wildfire on Facebook, Reddy and his co-owner Noah Antieau discussed the situation and decided to scrap the item's name. The owners said that they felt horrible and issued an apology.

“The absolute last thing we ever want to do is upset somebody who’s already got a rough road. The idea of doing that makes us all feel pretty horrible," Reddy told PQ Monthly. "So, if you’re transgender, we’re all apologies.”

Reddy added that it wasn't worth keeping the name if it was hurting someone.

“The chance that we might be hurting somebody’s feelings that surely doesn’t have it coming is a deal-breaker. If you’re an outlier, if you’re anywhere near feeling like you’re on the margins, we really want your business. You’re why we dig – and identify with — this town,” Reddy said. “What’s most important to get across is that we really are sorry to all the transgender community. We’re a little slow on the uptake, no question, but we’re learning.”

The remorse shown by the owners has gained them some new customers. As Queerty reports, one commenter wrote, “Hey Lonesome’s, thanks for stepping up, apologizing and making things right. You just gained a new customer.”

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