03/20/2013 03:04 pm ET Updated Mar 21, 2013

Ryan Rogers Shot: Chicago Police Fatally Shoot Man Who Allegedly Rammed Into Cop Car Mid-Getaway

Chicago Police shot and killed a man who allegedly rammed into a cop car as he tried to flee from undercover officers Tuesday night in south suburban East Hazel Crest.

Ryan Rogers, 27, was fatally shot after he and his girlfriend left their apartment in the 1900 block of West 171st Street in the Chicagoland village, reports CBS Chicago.

Though Chicago police wouldn't specify what they were investigating in East Hazel Crest, the officers involved were in plainclothes and unmarked vehicles conducting surveillance in the area, according to ABC Chicago.

Cops say once they approached Rogers and his girlfriend after seeing them leave their apartment, Rogers rammed a police vehicle while trying to drive off. According to the Sun-Times, an officer who "feared for his life" as Rogers allegedly sped toward them fired at least one shot at the man.

Neighbors who saw the scene unfold tell a different account and claim foul play, saying it's Rogers' family that now fears for their lives after the shooting.

"We're standing out here now because family members are upstairs and afraid to come out. That's as much as I know," family friend Lamar Richard told ABC. "They're afraid they will get shot." Several witnesses claim they never say Rogers sped toward police or hear the cops identify themselves as law enforcement once Rogers started to flee.

Police have taken Rogers' girlfriend into custody for questioning as the Independent Police Review Authority investigates.

The Tuesday night shooting, which East Hazel Crest police say is a Chicago investigation that happened to land in their jurisdiction, is the third fatal shooting by the CPD in the last week, according to DNAinfo Chicago.

The most recent fatality still under investigation was John Harris of Humboldt Park. The 58-year-old was shot and killed March 14.